Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This wednesday cancelled + Romsey Mill closed the other 2 + Music alternative

Sorry, this wednesday is cancelled. The next 2 week the Romsey Mill Centre is closed. I've updated the calendar but to sum up: 31st March,  7 and 14th April NO Capoeira.

We keep the sessions on Mondays for the ones who are still around. I will check whether we can use the Darwin space more this next 3 weeks. If you are aware of any other possible space, let me know.

As an alternative, we could train at least music those wednesdays at my house (I have a big living room and most instruments). I live very close to darwin. Please contact Aleix if you are interested.

Wednesday singing! + lyrics + this Saturday cancelled but....

Oi Angoleir@s!

As you may have noticed in the different music cds, you probably agree that angoleir@s are not famous for their fine-tuning while singing, yet they manage to emanate an amazing energy... This Wednesday we gonna try to conciliate both by learning a bit how to control the singing, enjoy it more and project even more energy!

To help with that, we are giving some CDs so you can get used to the songs. I do not have time to write them down and translate them all. Please take some time to help filling the document. (thanks to those who have already). The idea is to have the songs, meanings, and translations in one document.

Unfortunately this Saturday we were supposed to train in Darwin but there has been an administrative issue, and the room was booked b4 us. The good news are the following: instead of Capoeira there is a Pukulan Pecutan workshop to raise money for a charity (http://www.merlin.org.uk/). (For more information, please send an email to Lee Wilson.)  I've seen some and it is quite hardcore in terms of the power and aggressivity of the hits -there are no ambiguities as in Capoeira ;) . But they hit only from extremely close (not like "normal" straight karate punches), so they need to play very close as in the Jogo de Dentro in Capoeira, and it will be interesting to see how they break in the "Corpo Fechado". They have some floor moves similar to negativas and tesouras but they use them instead to break legs... sounds nasty but it is straight forward and would be good to learn.... anyway since  you already know the move, you might as well use it in this way if required. As Bimba said: "Only boulders face the tempest"... but "If the guys runs after you, then he is being abusive. Stop unexpectedly and stick the "ferro" in his belly". That is Capoeira as well.... However if somebody knows about another place to train on Saturday (big living room, gym, college rooms,etc I will be happy to hear about it.

Ate pronto

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boa Viagem! - Women - Saturdays YEAH!!!! 1-3pm - louvaçãos

Hi all,

Boa viagem (bon voyage!)  to all that go away for holidays. Thanks for today's session, it was nice to have such a big Bateria!

It was cool to carry on the discussion about gender equality as well. It would be cool if some of you did a few "parana" lines to state your own thoughts.

From now on we can train on Saturdays at Darwin from 1 to 3pm YEAH!. It will not be a "formatted" session. I will bring the instruments and be around practising some movements. I can help you with whatever you need (music or moves). It sounds weird but it is when you play alone that you learn the most, and of course we'll play some games together :-). Come and experience the freedom of moves! Not all Saturdays are available. Check the calendar first AND drop me an email to confirm or call me...Just to make sure somebody is there with the stereo and some instruments... 

Some louvaçãos to get inspired (I've separated the ones that go together)
Iê, viva meu mestre -Live my master
Iê, quem me ensinou - that taught me
Iê, a malandragem - the Malandragem
Iê, da Capoeira - of Capoeira

Iê, hora é hora (time is time, meaning the time has come)

Iê, galo cantou - cock sang
Iê, cocorocô - cocoriddledoo 

Iê, joga prá lá - play towards there
Iê, joga prá cá - play towards here

Iê, vamos embora - let's go
Iê, pelo mundo afora - to the outside world

Iê, é mandingueiro - (he) is a mandingueiro
Iê, é cabeceiro - (he) is a cabeceiro 

Iê, menino é bom - (the) kid from the street is good
Iê, sabe jogar - (he) knows (how) to play

Ate pronto!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Women and Capoeira: an example

Dear Angoleir@s,

After having had this topic in the back of our mind these last weeks, today we had a good example of how it is not clear where the boundaries are.
Today Britta sang in the Roda, within the Paraná corrido:
A mulher pra ser bonita, Paraná,
Não precisa se pintar, Paraná.
Because in her opinion and many others, a women doesn't need make up to be pretty.

On the other hand, Aleix didn't feel comfortable with those lines even if they were sung by a woman, as it might have some indirect misogynistic connotations due to the following corrido which diabolizes make up:
A mulher pra ser bonita, Paraná,
Não precisa se pintar, Paraná.
A pintura é do demônio, Paraná.
Beleza é Deus quem dá, Paraná.

A woman to be pretty, Paraná,
Doesn't need to wear make up, Paraná.
Make up is from the devil, Paraná.
Beauty is God that gives, Paraná (It is God that gives beauty)

So what do you think? Where is the boundary?
Why don't you write down some lines for the corrido about the same idea (Women do not need make up) but different words? This would be a genuine expression of gender equality! Let's try the new lines this Wednesday and break the links with old-school misogynistic corridos!

Please feel free to add your comments at the end of this post entry!

Ate quarta feira!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reminder: Mondays at 7pm from now on, yeah!

Dear All,

We finally got 2h in a row to practice on Mondays on a regular basis, yeeeahhhh!

The session structure will be then (roughly)
7 - 7.30: music
7.30 - 8.45: movements
8.45 - 9 : Rodinha

Once you start, Capoeira is a never ending story... so no Capoeira holidays, ha!
Please let us know if you come regularly and you went away for holidays.

I will be there from 18h30 stretching berimbaus and settings things up. People that want to learn more about instruments or practice more, you are welcome to come by then.

I remind you there is the women talk tonight, get registered!
Ate amanha!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Capoeira and Women discussion

Dear Capoeiristas,

After Monday Womens'  Roda, we would like to invite you to continue the discussion about Women and Capoeira. We thought a good topic would be to reveal the representations of Women in Capoeira through the lyrics.
Vitoria Aranha will chair the discussion. For those who don't know her, she has exteeensive Capoeira experience both in Brazil and the UK.
Everybody is welcome regardless of their gender, capoeira affiliation and experience (non-capoeiristas are welcome as well).
As a basis for the discussion we strongly recommend reading this article. This post can be used for further discussion.
We will be meeting through Skype this Sunday 14th at 8pm (might be 9pm if special guest joins). Please register here if you are interested. We'll keep you updated of this and further discussions/events!
Make sure your skype gear is ready well before the talk to avoid disappointments! ;)

Speak soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Capoeira Workshop in Social Centre 6th March

Ey, here are the pics!
Thanks to all for sharing the space and bringing capoeira to where it belongs.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monday @ 7pm + Roda for women's day @ 8h30!

Dear Angoleiros and specially Angoleiras,

Tomorrow it is Women's day so let's have a nice Roda for respect and against gender discrimination (which unfortunately also happens in Capoeira).
We will do some songs in which women play the main role.
  • Dona Maria, Como Vai Você
  • Dona Maria do Camboata
  • Ai ai ai Aidê
  • Doralice
  • Sai Catarina
  • Santa Maria Mae de Deus

It would be nice if somebody could speak a bit about women's day and how capoeira can help fighting gender discrimination and how to avoid reinforcing it.

From now on, let's start session at 19h on Mondays! Be there for 18h45 to help setting up things.

Ate amanhã!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chora Capoeira

-- Chora capoeira --

Chora capoeira,
capoeira chora,
chora capoeira,
Mestre Pastinha foi se embora - Chora!

Chora capoeira,
capoeira chora,
chora capoeira,
Mestre Pastinha foi se embora

Mestre Pastinha foi embora
Por favor tire o chapéu
Mas não vai chorar agora,
Mestre Pastinha foi pro céu. - Chora!

Chora capoeira,
capoeira chora,
chora capoeira,
Mestre Pastinha foi se embora.

There are more wordings for the verse, just google them if fancy more.