Sunday, February 28, 2010

Angola Newsletters

Dear All,

Here there is a list of upcoming Capoeira Angola events in London.
  1. Special class with Kabula with M. Joazinho (Marazul) as Guest next Sat. Infos
  2. Urban Ritual on 7th March (is a big open roda in a big nice "club", mostly for Angoleiros). Infos.
  3. Marazul workshop (probably too many teachers for such a short time 4h...) but nice to get in contact with the London Angola Scene and get a feeling of different teaching styles / vibes. 13th March 2010, from 2-6pm Infos
See email below for more info. 

Remember to learn the corridos from last week (and ladainha), and please arrive ealier (7.15 for a 7.30 start).

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ladainha + songs


Lá no céu tem três estrelas
todas as três em carreirinha
uma é minha a outra é sua
a outra vai ficar sózinha

Translation, litteral translation in brackets

Lá | no | céu | tem | três | estrelas
Here |in the| sky | there are (has)| three | stars
todas | as | três | em | carreirinha
all | (the) | three| in | a row
uma | é | minha| a | outra | é | sua
one | is | mine | the | other | is | yours
a | outra | vai | ficar | sózinha
the | other | will | become | alone/sad


Foi aghora que eu chegeui
Me mandarom me chamar
Para ver os Angoleiros
Pra podemos vadiar

Foi aghora que eu chegeui
Me mandarom me chamar
Para ver os Angoleiros
Pra podemos vadiar

Pra podemos vadiar
Pra podemos vadiar
Berimbau 'ta me chamando
Eu nao posso demorar

Carnaval Roda!

Here are some pictures!
Thanks to Emma for taking the them!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Capoeira songs

Olá angoler@s!

We thought it would be cool to keep a record of the songs we learn every
week, so here's an update of the very last singles :-)

Text after * is the chorus

Chora viola (Cry viola)

Chora viola
Viola Chorou
Viola danada
Viola malvada
Viola de Angola

Chora menino (Cry little kid)

Nhem nhem nhem
Chora menino
*Nhem nhem nhem
O menino chorou
*Nhem nhem nhem
Porque não mamou
*Nhem nhem nhem
Cala a boca menino
*Nhem nhem nhem
O menino danado
*Nhem nhem nhem
O menino malvado
*Nhem nhem nhem

Bom dia!

Até amanhá!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Great!! + this Monday 7pm start: extra music!

Hi all,

We had a great long Roda on Saturday - full of energy and respect. Over 1h30 playing! But don´t worry if you weren't there, we'll post some pics soon!

This Monday, the Common room is freed exceptionally 30min before, so let´s start at 7pm and play music till 7.45, so people can still catch up with the moves (7.45-9)

C u!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Saturday - Roda do Carnaval !!!!

Dear Angoleir@s!

We have been invited to perform a roda at the Darwin College Bar for the Carnaval night (brazilian music, caipirinhas, mojitos,...and us!!! )

We'll be playing some rhythms, making a roda, and playing some samba as well.

Come along to play and have some fun! We'll be around from 8ish for a 9 start.

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

back to the roots

Hi all,

Saturday class in London was great (2h with Prof. Njoli (FICA NYC) + 1h Mestre Carlão (Kabula) + 1h roda). People from 10 different groups were there.
Actually it made me rethink about our "pedagogy" together with some good feedback I've received from the sessions here in cambridge.

Because we actually don't train that much, let's keep things simple. Let's go back to the roots and concentrate on the dialogue within the capoeira game. It is great to have a fluid conversation with someone, especially when reinforcing each other arguments, then even if the conversation is kept simple, it emanates a powerful beauty.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saturday in London

Hi Angoleir@s,

This saturday we will go to Kabula's class. Unfortunately Boca do Rio has cancelled all classes in London. However, in compensation, a part from Mestre Carlao (Kabula), this Saturday there will be Professor NJoli from the group of Fica New York City (US). So anyway it is a very good possibility to get in contact with the Capoeira Angola community in London.

Class from 12.30 to 3pm then roda from 3 to 4.30.
We will have student reduction, which will make it 10 pounds.

Will be leaving around 10am, please drop an email to confirm.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jeje + toques + carnaval

Hi Angoleir@s,

Today we did the Jeje rhythm, and it sounds like the viola in here. (She does a lot of variations though). The basic rhythm +  2 small variations (starting in where the angola rhythm mutes,  | is a bar, meaning you are starting again)
dong chi dong chi dong | dong chi dong chi dong
dong chi dong chi do-do | dong chi dong chi dong
dong chi dong chi do-ding | dong chi dong chi dong

You can find written toques here. Some are slightly different like Santa Maria or samba de roda, and there is no Cavalaria de Angola. Print them and bring them along, I can show you how to read them (quite easy for most).

Last but not least, Darwin College has a Carnaval on Saturday night  the 20th. It would be cool to do a small music performance and roda. Let me know if you are up for it, and do come next monday to set it up. We probably can make a deal with the bar as well ;). But as the Corpo Fechado philosophy says: "Dia de roda não bebo, em mulher não ponho a mão"... or at least till the roda is finished ;)

 C u Wednesday!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monday + next saturday in London?

Dear Angoleir@s,

As usual, this monday at 19h30, Darwin common room. Please be punctual... ;-P

As a reminder of the samba rythms we started with the pandeiro, here is the basic rythm: (try to repeat it in your head even if you don't have a pandeiro to practice, you cannot play what you cannot sing anyway....)
tum (thumb) chi chi chi 

tum (thumb) chi chi tum (middle finger)
tum (thumb) chi chi pa (slap)

And now you can combine this for example into Samba Exaltação:
tum chi chi pa tum chi chi tum 

Regarding next Saturday, there is an interesting possibility to do a lot of Capoeira Angola with 2 good mestres: Carlão and Boca do Rio and hopefully roda at the end.. It will be from 12h45 till 5 near Chalk Farm in London. I will go and I think I can get reductions, especially if there is some of us. It will be fun! There will most probably be people from different groups (Kabula, FICA, Amazonas,  etc...) We could leave around 10am and be back by 7pm.
For more info check

See Carlão here, and Boca do Rio here and here (actually Figura comes often to Kabula Rodas...)

Kabula, the group hosting the class, is very open, so it is a great opportunity to get in touch with the Capoeira Angola scene in London.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

wednesday cancelled (3rd February)

Oi galera,

I am sorry to announce that due to sickness we cannot open the Romsey Mill Centre today (3rd February) ....

Sorry for the short delay :-(