Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday - thanks - ads

Hi Angoleir@s!

First of all thanks for the donations so far, there is a reco-reco in the way for the group. A reco-reco is a güiro which is something like this.

Monday as usual @ 19h30 in Darwin Common Room. Please be punctual and help setting up the space.

If you have some time and go to "cool" places (non-university related preferred), please drop some of this flyers (small, big). Cheers!

Ate amanhá!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday 27th Jan session cancelled

Oi Galera,

Due to sickness we won't be able to play this Wednesday 27th Jan. The session at Romsey Mill Centre is cancelled.

Apologies for the short notice and hopefully see you on Monday!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This monday!

Hi Angoleir@s!

This Monday as usual @ 19h30 at Darwin: music, moves and rodinha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We just have the space for 1.5h theoretically so please do come punctually and be changed and ready to play in time so you can help me setting up the instruments, music and arranging the furniture. Otherwise we end up plating less than 1h, which I find a shame.... :(

It would be great if you can memorize the following lines....or at least read them ;-P
If anyone spots a typo, please let me know ;)

Onde vai caiman? (Where are you going alligator?)
Caiman Caiman

Ave Maria meu Deus
Nunca vi casa nova cair (I've never seen a new house collapse)
Eu ja vi casa velha cair  (I've already seen an old house collapse)
Nunca vi casa nova cair

Jogo de dentro, jogo de fora (Inner game, outer game)
Jogo Bonito eu quero ver agora (Nice game I'd like to see now)

Ate amanhá!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Ey maybe it is time to learn and imitate this kids ;) 

Photo from R Doisneau
rue des peupliers, paris 13è - 1936

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday... Rodinha!!!!!!

Ready for a great capoeira session?!! Let's do a nice roda at the end!

Could you memorize the following lines of 3 songs? They are easy and we did them for a long while. Next class we will start with others.

Jogo de dentro, jogo de fora
Jogo bonito eu quero ver agora

Ai ai ai ai 
São Bento me chama

Dona  Maria do Camboatá
Ela chega na venda e manda botar

See you at 19h30 (try to be there in good time and help setting up the instruments and room) I will be there from 19h.

Ate amanhã!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Capoeira is back!

Happy new year dear Angoleir@s!

I know you cannot wait to start Capoeira again! So don't worry, let's meet next Wednesday 13th at 18h30 at Romsey Mill Centre.
As usual: music, moves and welcoming roda!!!!!!!!! (Bring your own instruments if you have them)

By the way, it could be nice to start another day, where we could focus on pandeiro (rather samba but capoeira music as well) and then do some moves as well. Something like saturdays between 12h and 14h. Does anybody know any other space available in Cambridge? Anything is welcome.

A soltar mandinga!