Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday capoeira class 8 to 10pm

Dear Mandingueiros and Mandingueiras,

Thanks to Kora we can train again on Monday! This time is a bit later, so please feel free to leave before if can stay all the session.

This Monday from 8 to 10pm in a at the end of Cranmer rd. Please be on time so we can start at 8!

See you soon!


How to get to the squash court on Monday: you need to go to the end of the Cranmer Road and go through the left of the gate that's at the end. The pedestrian passage is always open and it's closed for cars (plenty of parking space before you reach the gate). Follow the path for something like 30 m and you'll see sports grounds and two small buildings on either side. We're interested in the one on the right - door will be open.

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